Encourage Your Children About Music

So why is it important that you encourage your kids to play a musical instrument? Because it will develop in your child new skills that will bring a true sense of enjoyment and accomplishment as they mature into adults.

Obviously this is not an easy task because it means they must be dedicated to a daily repetition of practice, and to be away from their friends and “fun”. But perseverance on your part (and theirs) will pay off in the long run, and your child will understand and thank you for your wisdom, as their musical skill grows and becomes more enjoyable instead of a laboring task.

It’s true not all children are born with a talent for music, like some of the great musicians in history, but like other important achievements, it requires consistent and repetitious work to develop a talent for music.

An important introduction at first must come from encouragement by the parents, until it becomes a part of their everyday life, and the enjoyment and fun of achieving the ability to play an instrument becomes evident.

As they grow older and more proficient in music, they will make friends with other young musicians and bond with those of similar interests, and hopefully join with them to create entertaining band music together – independently or in a school band.

So, it is most often a combination of encouragement and discipline from the parent for a child to get into a musical interest, until they see the fun they can have with their musical talent. What kind of instrument? That may be to some degree, your child’s decision to select an instrument that most appeals to them.

If the parents are not musically inclined, then a teacher must be available to teach the basic skills needed and to establish a goal and reason to practice on a regular basis, with the “deadline” being the weekly music lesson.