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The Secret Truth About Music Promotion

Most people who have been in the music industry will never tell you how to correctly promote your music. It’s competition out there and they don’t want to give up all the music promotion secrets. Many simply want to sell you something so they tell only half truths about promoting your music. In this article I will tell you some of what I’ve learned in over 15 years as a rapper. I will attempt to tell you only the things that work and bust up a few myths that many have told you.

First of all you need to understand that this is an industry that thrives if you are willing to learn all you can about it. I never thought that I knew it all so I still read, listen to audio books and watch videos everyday to sharpen my skills. The hip hop industry is not a thing of talent only, it’s a thing of business. You need to commit yourself to learning about marketing, branding and things like presentation. These are areas in music that if you get great in these things you will be able to sell many records. Even if you don’t become famous to everyone worldwide, you can still make a considerable amount of money doing what you love.

Notice I said sell records not making music or making friends but selling records. I notice that the better I get at internet marketing, the more I can sell. The same thing goes for making beats, the more you make means the more you study the sounds. (This means the better your music sounds.) Most musicians got the talent part licked but very few take the time to sharpen their business skills. I’ve met producers with over 1000 beats on their computers, but not one of them are getting heard.

I also have seen that it pays to branch out into other fields because this gives you longevity in the industry. I may have started as a rapper but I also wrote books and put my hand in independent films. This is how you further your brand. As I said in another one of my articles think of yourself as a brand when it comes to promoting your music. When you’re engaged in music promotion, I strongly suggest that you follow the lead of major companies and not your peers on the corner selling their music with you. Be consistent with your brand. It sounds odd if you’re M.C. Ace and you’re also working as a sanitation worker. Maybe M.C. Ace also hosted a talent show, this sound more like it.

The most important thing you can do to promote your music is to plan. Let me say that again, plan, plan, plan. It’s so many avenues to take during the music process that it’s easy to get sidetracked by something that sounds like a great deal. I don’t fall for something in promotion if it’s not in my plan. Questions to ask while promoting your music would be, Who will I reach? How can I reach them? When will I reach them? Make a reaction statement simply stating what you want your audience to do. Another important step is to write down everything about your audience that you can. What stores do they visit? What clubs do they attend. What do they eat? Everything so you know how to reach them.

A few secrets I’ve found is that you can actually get on television through cable ads. You can also create your own show on DVD like I did or your own magazine. You want to do something that would make you stand out. Think about it, what if you saw a green pig at a farm? Would you tell someone? Would you remember that? Be a green pig when you promote your music but remember to still be yourself. You are unique all by yourself and never forget it. Do things that are interesting to your audience. Giveaway things that make sense to you as a business person and to them. Be careful about this because it could diminish your brand.

Getting to Know More About Music

Do you surround yourself with music? If this is the case, SE has a unique handset that will be perfect for you. You do not have to worry. This new smartphone is not a high-end mobile phone like the XPERIA Play. This means that you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to own one. This is the Sony Ericsson W8.

If you cannot get enough of music, you are constantly looking for new tracks by new artists. You may also be in search of classics from renowned song writers, composers, singers, or bands. However, it may take you quite some time to search the internet especially if you have no information of the track you just heard. Does this mean that you should abandon your search for more music? The answer is no. SE’s Walkman Phone offers a number of features that allow you to know more about the music you are looking for.

The feature on this handset that allows you to get more information on an unknown track is TrackID music recognition. How does it work? Whenever you hear something you like, the first step is to record just a few seconds of the song you have heard on the Sony Ericsson W8. You can do this from either an internal or external source. Just a few seconds of the tune is enough to get the information you need.

After you are done recording the short segment, the second step involves sending the recording to the TrackID service. Once the segment is sent, it is analyzed against a massive database. This database will look for musical fingerprints unique to various songs. You don’t have to worry. Despite comparing the recording to a massive database, it will now take too long.

In a matter of seconds, information such as the artist’s name and the specific album will be sent to the Sony Ericsson W8. Now that you have all the information you need, does this mean that have to go to the nearest record store or online to get the specific album or song? No. You do not have to go through the hassle. There is an option to purchase the specific track or album from a particular artist on PlayNow. PlayNow allows you download music and games directly to the Walkman Phone. This will allow you to add the track on the smartphone’s Walkman Player.

Facts About Music

Music is one of the arts which so sharpened our sense of participation in the world that it gave a much greater meaning to life, it reflects the mood of the times, then as now as always. The great thing about music is that it appeals to everybody; from children to grandmas to teenagers there are so many different types of music from classical to nursery rhymes to pop, rock, hip hop, house, indie, rock, soul. There is something for everybody to enjoy.

Music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas from chop shop records said that established acts often command licensing fees of $40,000 and up for a song placement in a TV show. Though the defining work of the late Isaac Hayes career, the award-winning theme from shaft was but a snippet of the groundbreaking music for which the soul man was responsible.

Jerry Wexler, famed record producer, not only coined the phrase rhythm and blues, the legendary music producer was one of the key architects of the genre. He revolutionized popular music with seminal, superstar-making recordings of acts such as Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and others.

After ten years, modern worship music has become an established genre that’s likely be a part of Christian music for generations to come, though it’s in serious need of creative spark.

One recent study of 7500 university students revealed that music majors scored the highest reading scores among all majors including English, biology, chemistry, and math. Simply stated, music students as a whole enjoy greater college success.